News Release - Jones - Liberal Party Must Pay Back $1/2 Million Spent on Partisan Events

Published on April 30, 2018

(Queen’s Park) – Today, Sylvia Jones MPP Dufferin-Caledon called on the Liberal Party to reimburse taxpayers for partisan style events funded by the taxpayers including nearly $300,000 on campaign style announcements and $209,000 on 7 town halls with the Premier across Ontario

“We already know that the Liberals have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign-style announcements. Now, the Toronto Sun is reporting that the Premier’s seven town halls cost taxpayers $209,000,” said Jones.

“The government’s spending of tax dollars for partisan purposes is not limited to campaign-style announcements and town halls for the Premier. It also includes the over $17.4 million the government spent last year on partisan advertising,” said Jones.

“When Doug Ford campaigns, he doesn’t send the bill to the taxpayers. Campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime has to stop,’ said Jones.

“I am shocked that the Liberals continue to defend the indefensible. This is just another example of the Wynne Liberals failing to respect taxpayer dollars. Frankly it shows just how out of touch the Liberals are with Ontarians and residents of Dufferin-Caledon,” said Jones.